Dr. Linda Cameron

Brief Biography

Dr. Linda Cameron, is Professor of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. She holds a doctorate in applied psychology and is an expert in educational psychology, early childhood education, language and literacy development, parenting, theory of play, and play therapy. She is widely known from her media work in the past on TV including a daily Parenting Show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., and currently from many guest appearances on television and radio. She has eight published books on the development of language and literacy, and has written numerous academic and professional papers on play, parenting, ESL issues, teacher education, music and literacy connections, and special education concerns. She is the Associate Editor of the Journal, Education 3-13. Dr. Cameron has consulted on education across Canada, the United States, Pakistan, South Africa, Central Asia, England, and in the Persian Gulf countries as well as Iran. She has had her own private practice specializing in learning assessment, play therapy, learning problems, and child management for over 20 years. An experienced and loved teacher, Dr. Cameron has taught at all levels of schooling from early childhood, preschool, primary, junior, secondary school, and university. She is the mother of three grown children.